"Bite The Bullet" lyrics


"Bite The Bullet"

Another rainy day hangs over us
our hoods are veterans
no need to fear anything that comes from the outside
Just keep your balance
and place your next step forward
and clench your fists against it all
Can you see it too?
These promises were never real
we just misread all these signs
So now what do you expect?
Will you give in and close your eyes
to take another slap
or pack your bags
and follow your next track?
To take this life with no regrets is a privilege for most
try to be the one who draws the line
no matter what the cost
Stand up straight on your
track no matter what
keep in mind what you're up to since when you're born
Don't be scared at all
bring your burden on
and keep trying to hold on
I'll keep trying to hold on
I see these shadows closing in on me
I got no fear
it was about time
A stronger will and a hardest shell
the heritage that you've left upon me
Just breath kid
bite the bullet
still believe
To take this life with no regrets
Is the hardest task you'll get
Focus on today
and build your future
learning from your past.

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