"Ashes" lyrics



Misled on the way of perdition
We left promises unkept.
We had dreams we couldn't reach.
Fire burnt upon this bridge.
Solid highways and wasted trails.
We had it all. We had it all.
Broken teeth but happier face.

Ashes call. Ashes call.

It's not about the remembrance.
It's not a matter of pride nor glory.
It's just about the urge we have in our chest.
It's for the freedom when not home.
It's for the people you've kept dear all along.
For you I sing this song.
For what it's worth I hope the hearts stay strong
Leading the road we all belong.
Leading the road we all belong.

Stories on and on we go. It's our call.
Pushing as far as we can.
To the streets we gave ourselves.
Car crashes and thefts we had.
Epic days and friends as well.
We had it all. We had it all.
Always chasing the next steps.

Ashes call. Ashes call.

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