"Always to the Core" lyrics


"Always to the Core"

Staring this picture of us
Always standing up proud
Of being part of a worn out scene
A scene that has burnt year by year
But among ashes we still
Walk down fierely these streets
Oh, I cant believe, that
This twisting fashion ruined
Our reality
I'll never forget, I won't turn my back
I'll never regret all these things that
We do represent

Still today
These flaming drawings on our shirts
Remind me of
The times we've spent on
Thinking we'll never change
And after years of waiting
We can say that it's all the same

I can understand who goes on
And passes its steps without
Asking himself what's wrong
Well maybe the fault isn't yours
But after all that's the street
That time ago we choosed to walk
Oh, its not up to me, to
Make you see your responsibility
It's about what we feel,
About integrity, about our
Beliefs and this full respect
Straight way to live

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