"Shooting Star" lyrics


"Shooting Star"

You are everything I want
You are everything I need
The moment that you set me free was when I came truly see
All I want is to really know you
All I need is to truly love you
You got everything I want
You got everything I need
there's nothing left for me to find cuz you're what makes my life complete
the search is over I found my shooting star
I finally found out who you really are

[Verse 1]
Once you stepped into my life I knew that'd it be different, I knew that it was right
I could just feel your love, you wrapped your arms around me tight and never let me go
There's no way to describe all the feelings of joy that you've brought into my life
You will never let me down, you'll never fall apart, even when I'm breaking down

I want to be like you and do the things you do
never walk away from a chance to praise your name
always be a light to the people in this life
never back down even when I'm losing ground

I want to be your star and shine a light for you
set the world on fire and ignite the flame for you
always shine bright as the greatest shooting star
let the world know you are the greatest by far


[Verse 2]
The day that I met you will forever be the day that I was rescued
When you put your hand in mine, pulled me out from the water and saved me just in time
I can't even seem to find a word to describe the way you make me feel inside
You will forever be my best friend you'll never let me go even when the world ends



How can I ever repay you
You pulled me back when I was so far gone
How did I get so confused
I thought you were always against me

I was nothing I did not deserve you
I never listened because I was such a fool
I can't believe you stuck with me
I can't believe that you're still with me

I was lost with no sense of direction
never had a clue until I met you
that's when my life made sense
that's when my life gained purpose



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