"Truffle Shuffle" lyrics


"Truffle Shuffle"

Just doze off right next to me
cause I can’t sleep at all.
I’m still up singing along
to old songs I wrote about this town.
Cause I can’t get you out of my mind
no matter where I’m staying.
I’m getting lost in this city full of gloomy places.
I see people wandering,
they’re walking like zombies.
It’s all the same faces,
yeah it’s all the same faces.
They won’t stop for nothing,
there‘s no way around them.
This place is going to burn to the ground
I won’t wake you up ‘til everything is ashes.
Disappointment follows us until our grave.
What’s with this place we’ve held on for so long?
We can’t explain…

Thanks to dick182 for these lyrics

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