"Neon Gray" lyrics


"Neon Gray"

I’m always sick I know they’ll never find a cure
The stomach bile’s just the promise of a future cancer
Ill choke the acid back and just get by
And I’ll avoid thinking about how soon I’m gonna die

But if they had a remedy if they somehow find a way
To end this anxious nausea or just keep it at bay
When they’d peer in my insides I know just what they’ll say
It’s Neon Gray

I’ll die alone I know that there’s no fucking doubt
I know I’ll never find someone who gets what I’m about
I’ve tried but it’s the same all in the end
They want to take so much I know I can never let them in

And if I can find someone who can take my nervous hand
Calm my bastard temper and maybe somehow understand
When she’d look into my eyes, she’d see in my dull gaze
It’s Neon Gray

Neon Gray, Neon Gray – you’re a broken human being
You’re a thing you shouldn’t say
The medication wears off by the darkening of the day
Every day that you breathe air it’s Neon Gray

I’ve thought about ending it all so many times
Spinning awake each night I plan it all out in my mind
I’ve fantasized about how the hell and when
But I can never do it no matter how much I intend

The same thing that drives me to utter misery
It won’t let me end my life, no, not so easily
The fear of the unknown will drag me to my end of days
It’s Neon Gray

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