"Victims" lyrics



in a round centered table
they sit and judge your life
deciding when to hit you next
no remorse just fire in their eyes
aggreements and false words
promises, more lies
when revenge's the only thing
they seek
won't rest until you die
til you die, til you die

no negotiations,
just retaliation
i'm a victim of your political loss
your false accusations
no communication,
just retaliation
i'm a victm of your political loss
your false accusations

hide behind their children
for propaganda and show
shouldn't their children be
at school
or be safe at home
violate your daily life with
fear you have within
that just oneday you'll be the one
a victim of their sin
their sin, their sin


from the outside
you can't see what's real
the darkness has come
her life now has been changed
from the outside you
you can't see what's real
the truth lies behind a girl
who's parents have been killed

parents have been killed [x2]

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