"Taxed To Live" lyrics


"Taxed To Live"

taxed to live
waht are we living for?
taxed to live
wondering what's right or wrong
taxed to live
what are we living for?

i was taught the best things in life are free
but i have to pay for the air that i breathe
every time i turn around they want my bux
say the wrong thing and i'm out of luck


all they want is money all i want is to live
my debts are paid i've given all that i can give
milking my hard earned dollars and cents
what will they tax my dead body next

taxed to live [x8]

we pay to be born
we pay for our dreams
we're taxed for our lives and our beliefs
we pay for our deaths
don't get back what we give
we pay to grow old
we're taxed to live!!!!

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