"She's Got A Gun" lyrics


"She's Got A Gun"

creeping up from behind
you've got nowhere to hide
see her shadow in the night
she's gonna take away your life [x2]

a faceless girl in the deep dark night
her footsteps lost and out of sight
she's got one thing on her mind
to take away your life [x2]

she's got a gun
and there is no way of stopping her
she's got a gun
you got nowhere to hide
she's got a gun
and ther is no way of stopping her
she's got a gun
she's coming for you tonight

you sit and wait til you are safe
you cry for help but it's too late
she found you sitting there alone
into deaths arms you were thrown [x2]


now your dead she's left to roam
the streets are quiet and off she goes
searching for new victims lying low
she's out to kill and they'll all know


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