"Fade Away" lyrics


"Fade Away"

you try to strip my dignity
but that won't work with me
you tell me things are differnt now
why can't i just be me
jumbled thoughts inside my head
are circling round n' round
can't understand the things i do
or the things i've found
hiding behind your insecurities
the truth is shining right
through from you to me
your underlying fears
are screaming from below
don't see why you attack me
but someday you shall know

fade away into nothing
slowly disappearing over time
fade away into nothing
slipping through the fingers of time

looking out the window
i see you walk by
the boring life you lead
i see deep in your eyes
same old routine
nothing ever seems to change
the monotony of your life
there is nothing to gain
diluting yourself
in this watery grave
you've lost all meaning
just obsessed with the gain
acting like everything
is fine in your life
but it slowly creeps up
to late to end all the strife


[Repeat first verse]


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