"Kids Like You" lyrics


"Kids Like You"

It's a big old existential world
Made just for a boy and girl
It requires a thousand eyes
For hidden tears

Find a room that's furthest from the flames
With a view and a breeze that's good
You make that cove your middle name
Kids like you
That's what I would do
If I was kids like you

Every formula for your salvation
Is acting on you like a poison dew
No one tells you what to do
Kids like you
You're a captive of your moods
Kids like you

You're gonna get the blues
Kids like you
You got no faith in the peace you seek
Or the pleasure that you pursue
You don't need faith with
Kids like you

Yeah, kids like you
Mmm, kids like you
Yeah, kids like you
Kids like you
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

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