"Exorcism Of Despair" lyrics


"Exorcism Of Despair"

This is an exorcism of despair yeah
Yeah oh yeah ah ha
Sung about the lyricism of suffering
Yeah oh yeah, my blood flesh and nerves all singin' along

Hangin' over the abyss of existential nausea
Yeah oh yeah ah ha
With a blood and tear-stained face I'm singin' to all a ya
Yeah o yeah, it's not easy to be nowhere

Universe as a tale told by an idiot
Yeah oh yeah ah ha
Full of sound and fury signifying zero zip
Yeah oh yeah, come on everybody let's dance, dance, dance

From a world of abstracts to a whirlwind of feelings
Yeah oh yeah ah ha
Those balmy dizzy doubts that make me die of felicity
Yeah oh yeah, infatuates me with eternity

Gonna love my baby like it's the end of time
Yeah oh yeah ah ha

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