"Drowning" lyrics



I swam out too far from the shore
I'm afraid you won't see me anymore
Out in the middle of the rolling sea
With the waves and the water washing over me

Yeah mama! Don't let me down
I love you more than I did before
So don't let me drown

I'm drowning in this sea of love
Can't see land or the sky above
Hurry up baby get a hold on me
'Fore the devil in this water set my soul free

Mama! Don't let me drown
If I still mean anything to you
Don't let me down

I'm drowning
I'm not waving hello
I ain't clowning around wit'cha baby
Don't let me go

If you see me lost and drifting around
Reach out for me don't let me pull you down
It's over my head mama don't let me drown
It's gettin' so quiet I can't hear a ...

Mama! Don't let me drown
You swim so much better than me
Don't let me drown

Well yeah, mama! Don't let me drown
Yeah mama! mama! Don't let me drown

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