"Better Than This" lyrics


"Better Than This"

I'm thinking over it.
I think too much.
It hinders my spirit
when there's never enough.
Shell-game sleight of hand
to wish for something more.
Honest husbands, cheating wives,
generous buyers, greedy stores.

"I'll get through it, I'll get through it."
I'll say it ten times over :
"I'll get through it, I'll get through it...
I'm better than this. [x3]

That's what anchors me
(I mean it weighs me down).
I Can't give thanks to fear,
can't say no to crowds.
Guess I'll just play dumb,
shouldn't be too hard.
Peaceful people, violent guns,
sober drivers, drunken cars.


I'm better than...[x2]

I'm better than nothing.

I'm better than nothing and nothing is better than this...

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