"#1 Defender" lyrics


"#1 Defender"

The greatest gift you ever gave me
Was a faded, red broken ballerina
And you would wind it up
And it would barely move, and there would be no sound
And you'd look up and say

I'm your number one
I'm your number one defender
And I will understand
When you are gone
I don't need a raise, I don't need a paycheck
I will understand
I'm your number one

I've always had this thing with bravery
And I never wanted no one to believe me
Or even see me, or understand
I thought that maybe there would be this girl
And she'd be just like me, but not like me

I never thought that love would save me
I've never been so happy to be wrong
So thanks for the silence
Thanks for the days
Thank you for the ocean

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