"14-41" lyrics



Start blind, end up dumb
You're 16, You're 23, you're 32, you're 41....
Gonna leave it all behind and not say sorry
yea you are always right, so why worry?
You learn to steal and lie to friends -- You trust no one
My birthday's comin' around again...
And there is no other way
I'm waiting for the bell to ring.
I'm always older.
I'm waiting for this bell to ring
I'm always older
Pressures and folds of fat and lip-stained lipstick calenders
all hide under marriage porcelain that I'm falling over
My birthday, My birthday, My worst day.
My Birthday's comin around again -- 14 to 41
Start blind. End up dumb.
You're 16, You're 23, You're 32, You're 41...
Yea you're 32, you're 41.
You're all those things and then your none
You're through all that, you've just begun.

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