"Waste Of Time" lyrics


"Waste Of Time"

I sat down to think aloud my
Mind and what it's thinking
About A thousand things went
Running through my mine and I
Still tried chicks with whips and
Anarchists some political
Activists apocalyptic Paranoids
Say we've run out of time the
Options were abundant and I
Was overwhelmed should I write
About the time I thought I died
And went to hell but it's useless
To write about you and your truly If I
Opened up to you would you
Take the time to get to know me

I can't believe I mentioned it
I refuse to be affectionate
I'm sick of wasting all these
Thoughts about you and every
Time I sit to write a song the
Whole thing seems to come
Out wrong I can't help but stop
To think they world about you

Wondering why I'm thinking about
My life it seems it's inside out
A cross of thoughts and friends
And rhymes were laughing in my
Head cynically find sympathy
While speaking altruistically it's
Possible that growing old is
Worth its weight in lead as time
Keeps passing by can't help but
Wonder why the future holds my
Destiny but is it all a lie and
Once again I start to think about
Yours truly you don't agree to
Conceive what's important to me
I'll disregard your lack of showing

Who am I? Another guy wasting
All my stupid thoughts wondering
why still I shout the door but I
Want more can't help but stop
To think the world about you

I don't care what you're saying
To me my life has changed so
Drastically when the theist
Begins to philosophize It'd be
Just a waste of time

Don't want to don't have to burn
A bridge and hear I hate you it's
Just a Waste of Time

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