"Stewardess Slut" lyrics


"Stewardess Slut"

Well I met her on the plane
This girl's insane
But I didn't even know
This girls name
Or her number
But I gave her mine
Now I see this girl
All the time.
I never know when
She's coming around
She'll just suddenly
Show up in my town.
She'll call me on the phone
When I say Hi to her
She'll say Hey I'm on
Another layover.

And I don't care when
I will see her again
I don't care to even
Want to be her friend
I don't think about her
When she comes around
But she knows I wrote this
Song for her cuz I told her
Last time she came down.

So girl this is my song for you
Listen to this when you're
Feeling blue.
Believe me all my friends know
About you...
And you're just me
Stewardess Slut.

As I was on my way back
From vacation having fun
I met this girl on the plane
We got to talking after she
Brought me peanuts and a coke.
That's when she introduced me
To her little game
Now every time she comes around
She'll give me a call on the phone
I'll meet her at her hotel and
We'll spend the night alone
I barely greet her with a hi
I wake and leave without
saying good-bye.
With this girl I don't even try
Cuz with this girl
It's just that way.

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