"Satisfied" lyrics



Another bad creep
I couldn't sleep
My mind so deep in thought I weep
because i couldn't find the sheep
And once again
I was up all night
Till the light so bright
Came right into my eyes
Trying to fight to stay
Tightly closed but now
It's too late

And all though you lied
I'm satisfied
And although you say
It'll be better off this way
And though I know that
Part of us has died
I can't complain I cant
Complain, I'm satisfied

The end may justify the means
Reality may share your dreams
I see a smile behind your tears
Stop running away from your fears
Open your eyes open your ears

You were the one I loved before
And you were the one I can't
Ignore you were the one that
Said to me all those things that
You shouldn't have said to me
You were the one I've waited for
You are the one I can't ignore
Though you were the one that
Said to me all those things
That you shouldn't have said

The water will wash the dirt away
And there'll be clear skies once
Again it's what you do not what
You say when enemies become
Your friend and you try to run
Away you'll change in the end
You'll change in the end

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