"Kenny Is Done For" lyrics


"Kenny Is Done For"

Well am I being
A good friend or not?
By letting my friend keep smoking pot
He doesn't have a single brain cell left to spare
But you know that there's a problem
It's that he just doesn't scare
Try to talk to him
Get to know him.
And there's one thing you'll find
Kenny, Kenny's losing his mind.
I try to explain but he can't understand.
The blank look he gives he just can't comprehend.
He's losing his mind all the while.
And I know, things are not fine
The stories he will tell I find hard to believe
Cause up inside his head there's not much clarity
But it's not too late
I know that it's all that he needs
Is some good advice.
It's called abstinence yeah
It's called resistance yeah
From partying all the time
Kenny, Kenny's losing his mind

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