"You've Thrown it All Away" lyrics


"You've Thrown it All Away"

I played you all my records when I tried to explain.
When I ate all my AlphaBits, it spelled out your name
I've made you lots of friends, with all our special songs.
The first time that we met you had your blue suede creepers on.
And when reminiscing doesn't feel this way
Yeah you've thrown it all away.

I stole a bunch of flowers, and I gave you a bouquet.
Yeah, we found a cure for boredom, it was acting really lame.
I always cleaned your clothes. You never had to ask.
I meant it when I said I liked you more than The Clash.
And when reminiscing couldn't feel this way
Yeah you've thrown it all away.

Memories will never stay.
Reminiscing couldn't feel this way.
Yeah you've thrown it all away.

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