"Twenty-Three" lyrics



Not twenty-three forever
And I'm not wasting time

Well I can't sit and blame this all on you
But the way you're standing in my driveway
The streetlights make it arguably true
I tried to take hold of myself
But these pictures of you and I
Fucking waste of time
Keep falling from my shelf
And oh, slow down
You're out of touch
You're out of bounds
And I don't want to feel left six feet beneath the ground
And oh, I know
You didn't mean to do anything to me
You don't mean anything to me

Not twenty-three forever
And I'm not wasting time
Not twenty-three for the rest of our lives

And so we pull off into
This parking lot of an old town we know
And I'm not going home all alone
No I just can't afford to let this go
I'm not going home

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