"Like A Kid" lyrics


"Like A Kid"

These kids don’t have a clue, they keep running around trying to find
A foot to fit the shoe, When everyone’s emotionally blind
So we keep moving, keeping our heads high when we feel blue
This life’s a mystery and the main characters are me and you
Detectives searching to find, the reasons why
We all keep searching to find the answers, before we die
I think my brain is fried, I’ve got sickness running through my bones
When all we’ve learned is a lie, where the hell do i have to call home
So we keep driving, finding comfort in another state
It’s not the answer but I’ll tell you one thing, It feel fucking great
To get away from everyone, and all the ordinary people we call fun
We’ve got one last chance to make this work
So lets get the fuck out and just take it
Me and you we don’t have a clue, It’s been 22 years maybe in a few
I’ll have the slightest idea of what this whole thing is, I guess I’ll always feel like a kid

Thanks to Stephen Sarfert for these lyrics

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