"Laundry List" lyrics


"Laundry List"

Is it a waste of time not having drive
Listening to you gets me nowhere every time
So why is this any different
I’m starting to resent you this time, guess I’ll give it one more try
So take one step forward and two steps back
We’re all fighting over nothing, sit back and relax
And watch the world slowly fade away
So I’ll have one more drink to mend the wrong things
I’ll have one more drink, the only thing that stays the same
So back up and leave me here to be, I’ve got a laundry list of reasons why
It’s the last chance for you and I
When I told you that I wanted this
Would you believe anything I said, even just one kiss
So this time I’ll keep my head on straight
I’ll be ready for the worst
It’s not what I want but come on baby, It’s what I deserve

Thanks to Stephen Sarfert for these lyrics

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