"If Only You Called" lyrics


"If Only You Called"

She said come on kid, Get your head up, You’re gonna figure it out
I said listen lady, If you knew me, You’d know I drown in my doubt
But I’ve got a five dollar bill that says, You’ve been listening
To everyone around you talking about all the things that drag you down
So come back north where we’re around, To remind you of who you are
If only you weren’t so far I’d say, Come one man think about this
You’ve got your whole life to figure it out
I can’t say that I get it either, But I’m not about to give up now
Because I can remember our last call, I could have helped to fix it all
At least I could have tried, Stiff drinks wont fix anything this time
How could I be misunderstood, When you meant everything to me
You meant everything to us
So be sure to prioritize the things that hit close to home
Because with a five minute phone call I could have saved him over the phone
When everything around you is going wrong
Don’t act irrational just listen to this song
Because if I could have trust me I would have tried
Because that day you weren’t the only one that died
I could have saved you man, If only you called
I could have saved you man these tears didn’t have to fall

Thanks to Stephen Sarfert for these lyrics

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