"Family Values" lyrics


"Family Values"

As I hit every red light, down the Black Horse Pike
I take a few seconds to look at my life and the people in it
The people in it, the people like you, That wouldn’t give a shit if I would die in a few
So let me take you back to the place I grew
Where everything wa promised but nothing came true
The places I used to go and think about fate
At the Smithville Village overlooking the lake
Just let go, I tried, that’s the place where a piece of me died
My insides ran straight out through my eyes
I felt it, that day, the black and white all turned to grey
Everything I thought I knew I realized I don't have a fucking clue
So let me take this time to let you know
All the shit you’ve been through let it go
Because in the end it will be your turn, to sit and watch it burn
By no means is this the end, I’ve got a backbone held up by all my friends
We’ll keep moving, we always do, Because these kids just can’t lose

Thanks to Stephen Sarfert for these lyrics

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