"Facing A Lifetime" lyrics


"Facing A Lifetime"

So can you hear me, I’m breaking out of these walls
So fucking useless, I don’t need this anymore
Hey darling can you tell me, Why every sweat bead on you tastes like a disease
An incurable one that i can’t leave behind
I drank on all your bullshit and you fed me lies, I fucking tried
Why can’t I tell you the way your blank stare makes me sick
And how your cruel words pierce my body
Trust me I’m so over it
Tell me who’s to blame when we’re all caught up in our own lives
No winners/losers in this game
So what should we all do
But say goodbye to our broken hearts and hello to being you
So live life like a dream, and keep your head as far as you can from reality

Thanks to Stephen Sarfert for these lyrics

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