"The Hanged Man" lyrics


"The Hanged Man"

I've been waiting for so long, anything would
be better than sitting here in this spot listening
to the same songs over and over again while
staring at the walls
I am no martyr, the responsibility is mine
I chose this sacrifice, this enlightenment
For without struggle there would be no
purpose to my life, I'm hanging by my left
ankle from a tree in my backyard
Looking up at the church shadowing over me,
Stained glass my casket, as I'm withering away
I hope this will be worth it, it will be worth it
This is the only thing I could ever ask for
All I've ever wanted in my entire life
I rest easy, the day will come
Every day we wake with a blank page
We need to make this a story worth telling
Be it comedy or be it tragedy
The meanings in the way you perceive it
I rest easy, the day will come
When you grasp a hold of me, feel it's worth it
to be lucky and free, the desire for passion or
camaraderie stems from the same need
We belong to each other as a conscious dream
When the day comes, together we'll march to
the sea, and when our bodies reach the coast
Slowly drifting
All the people will propose a toast, glasses
lifted, dancing and singing in unison
Eyes to the sky, hearts set on the sun

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