"The Fool" lyrics


"The Fool"

(Looking up) Melting through a seamless
landscape, (It can't rain all the time) feeling
the wind beneath my feet, I break free
(And even when it does it's not so bad)
In one single hemisphere out the other
I break free, I'm drifting away
Awake awash with disbelief, hourglass upside
down the glory of our green mother
Beckoning, nurturing, an understanding
between species
Telepathically? Seems to be
The lines blur watching the intricate webbings
of these primordial patterns
Weaving between gaps in the trees
The tallest trees shedding leaves like a slow
motion scene. The film unravels and the
spool empties out into the Earth
My flesh meets the ground, green grass in
patches I break free
Flourishing all around me
Brilliant blue gives way to orange purple and
gray, this is a masterpiece only for me
This is the only masterpiece for me
Finally he speaks, "Alone you shall never be"
I break free
Looking up and looking down
For I have found the elusive golden cup and
its utterly breathtaking
The sunset gives birth to collapsing cities and
I break free
Hourglass upside down, looking up and
looking down

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