"If I Could Get Some Good Sleep" lyrics


"If I Could Get Some Good Sleep"

Here I lay in my bed of snakes,
their cold scales were the only thing I felt
When the news was broke through the new year
the venom spread so fast
I had no concept of time or how
much longer I'd be able to stay alive
We're all victims of emotion, loyalty and trust,
compromised..for the sake of happiness

In the wake of it all you destroyed
what took us so long to build
The walls came down crumbling and
I was left to fend for myself

This is when I found the only strength
I have is within me. This is where I
realize my life is a series of unfortunate
events and I'm standing in the silhouette

I will smash our memories into oblivion
But I have hope, hope that you have
seen the damage done
and in this life you are all that deceives me

Set fire to this bridge, we move on.

Through these rough seas, we will prevail
Through there lonely nights,
We will tread on

Thanks to chrispet531 for these lyrics

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