"Adversary" lyrics



I can feel your hatred upon me, I will end this
game of hide and seek
I will end your life with one breath, can you
feel the resent?
Cowards are alike, all the fucking same, care
about only yourselves
So many of you in this world, rats, all the
fucking same, I will put an end to this game
Utter disgust cannot explain this
All you left me with is emptiness, but I will
regain control so disappear
I control your existence, I control my life
Disappear, emptiness
I am sacrificing my faith, quickly but surely
staying on this dim-lit path to nowhere
But this will all make sense to us in the end
We're all in as far as we're concerned, I said
No stopping now, got my two feet firmly in the
ground, and your doubts won't stop me
You can't stop this, we're all in

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