"Race Riot" lyrics


"Race Riot"

Everyone's fighting for the color of their skin
Everyone's fighting just to save their skin
They're fighting in the streets & they're fighting in the halls
They'll riot 'til they kill & it'll never halt

Race riot!! This ain't 1980
Race riot!! It's a riot of society

They'll riot in the streets & they'll riot in the halls
They riot 'til they fall & it'll never halt
School's not a place for education anymore
It's simply just a battleground, this can't go on no more

Race riot!! Black man fighting against white
Race riot!! Fight 'til you can't fight anymore

They'll never sit down & talk about their problems
Just wanna fight & create more of them
Whites call 'em names directly to their faces
They say 'Hey nigger go back to your own places'

[Chorus #1]

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