"Legoland" lyrics



This glass is a safe holding my age.
Rip off the fake nails and follow the tracks of deer up ahead.
Barley preserved the age of my skin.
Pick up your feet and follow the steps of sheep up ahead.
Your mindset is read like a forecast in newsprint.

This fiction is your purpose, existence.
Our age group exceeds us; our efforts prestigious.

Writings with the lead of legend,
Changing all the fact to fiction (why can’t we sing?).

Breathe a night without gray light?
Brag about a sober moment?
Hold a hand with honest intent?
Walk a line with great preciseness?
Remember our thoughts and promises?
Take a pill with honest reasons?

Twelvemonths waiting for new light of sight, eyes blurring.
Pictures giving eyes of insight new context.

Artists in lead fight for ink while writers at work smudge the page.

Fathers bleed fairly insuring their senescence, mortality.
Daughters reap rashly.

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