"Where Do You Go" lyrics


"Where Do You Go"

Staring again at the ceiling
And I'm watching you walk away
Watered eyes, shallow breathing
I don't think that it's right

To wonder what's been going on without you
And what's new in your life
Obviously, you doubt me
To not give me a try

Where do you go?
When I'm wishing you'd call
And I miss you so much
Do you miss me at all?

Passing your house in the evening
Your room where I used to lay
Lights off, they light up
Questions of where you are tonight

So where are you? I said where are you?

Where are you?

And I hope you are living well

And I hope you're living well

Do you M-i-s-s M-e A-t A-l-l
Do you M-i-s-s M-e A-t A-l-l
Do you M-i-s-s M-e A-t A-l-l

Do you miss me at all?

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