"Valentine" lyrics



Just like a cancer, strong and slow, you black me out
Your kiss, you lace with poison, your words, you lace with lies
A picture breaks, you scream
Darling, this could be us
And now you've lost all your trust
You're barely breathing

Dead eyes, are you just like me?
My heart, my heart, my song, my song
Go on and sail away
End over end, you shock me
My life, my soul, my rights, my wrongs, I can't feel anything

Farewell to the memories I feel tonight
Lost and lonely, it whispers the sound
Farewell to the memories I kill tonight
Violence your soul brings
Your pictures lay on the ground

Years pass and I'm gone
It's too late to confess and cry
I live with this curse, I walk in her shadow
My heart breaks
I swear, you fell apart at the seams
You only know what this means when you're not feeling

Of a broken heart
Silence the sound
Of a broken heart
Silence the sound

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