"Paper And Ink" lyrics


"Paper And Ink"

Dress warm, the summer's gone
These walls exhausted
This swim I take
I may need a rescue
Shimmering signals cry
And this water is so cold

Blend like paper and ink
My hero sighs
Sleep tight, it's not over
I'll shield you from harm
I'll spare you tonight

Yeah, now I feel invincible
Throw your cards down and test me
Start over, slow dancing
In this world based on standards in fire

Unclothed by dawn
I feel my arms, they weaken
Loud and clear you telegram my station
As darkness fills the sky
And these stories they unfold

Yeah, now I feel invincible
I'm throwing daggers at bull's eyes
My instinct's the warning
In this world based on standards in fire

You'll be the one there waiting
Your first touch will cure this open sore
My last dance in the streets I've played in
Head verse my heart
I walk through this night alone
Walls stand, built to be broken
Sit tight and absorb this rocket ride
Fall short from the hand I lay in
No turning back, this road is far from home

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