"Brush Your Teeth, Clear Your Head" lyrics


"Brush Your Teeth, Clear Your Head"

Oh! Hello, my name is Nigel.
I'm vulnerable and I'm scared.
I know that this is forward
but, I'm otherwise unprepared.
Oh! Please hear me out!
All I wanna do is stick my tongue in your mouth!
Oh please! Please please! I'm new to this town.
I'm sinking. I'm sinking. I'm sunk.

She thinks I need someone to dance with.
Potentially someone to love.
I need someone to be below me and someone to hold above.

Well, you're feeling sour and want to be dead.
Eat a few blues. Go to sleep instead.
Tigers eat birds then shit out gloves.
All about sweating and nil about love.

Nigel, just shut up.
And calm down. And swallow these God damned pills.
You're ranting and rambling.
You need to go to bed.

Your candle fingers will burn paper legs.
You frayed my edges then you fucked my head.
Please please please. Just settle down.
I'm sinking. I'm sinking. I'm sunk.

The clock is ticking. Your time's running out.
If you try to stop it, you'll just stop yourself.
And what you don't know, you'll figure it out
when you dance death's dance with the Michigan mouth.

My friends are all dead.
Your friends are all dead.
Your parents, your cousins.
Dead! Dead! Dead!
And you're dying too.
And I'm just like you.
I'm just trying to show you what these lungs can do.
So, if you're feeling sour and want to be dead,
put numbers together. That'll clear your head.
Don't count your steps on the tiger's tongue
'cause it's all about living and dying young.
Haha hahaha hahaha haha.

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