"Saints Of The Future State" lyrics


"Saints Of The Future State"

Yep that's right boys, Punk is dead.
Just another cheap product for the consumer tag.

Bought out. Cleaned up. Packaged for a price.
It looks like maybe CRASS was right.....

We are the Saints. The Saints of the Future State.
Filling your mind with our message of greed and hate.

We are the Saints. The Saints of the Future State.
We don't really care cuz we know that we're here too late.

Well I used to have fun when I went to the shows.
Now I've got the fear of someone breaking my nose.

Because times have changed and nothings the same.
We've got more fights now than the hockey games.

Well I remember back in the day when PUNK couldn't get any radio play.
(And it STILL CAN'T!!!)

Now GREEN DAY is "king". They're "all the rage".

But if Dookie is "PUNK", I'm Jimmy Page..........


We don't understand it. Your brains are so small.
Yet you walk among us like you're ten feet tall.

This isn't "your scene". It's all in your head.
You "neo-punk rockers" should all go back to bed!

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