"Politically Incorrect" lyrics


"Politically Incorrect"

I refuse to be labeled, singled out and penned
anything other than American.
Because this is where I was born and that's what I am.
So you can stuff your trendy labels.
I don't give a damn... But that's not "P.C."
Because I'm Politically Incorrect.
Yeah, I'm so Politically Incorrect,
I'll bet I make you hippies sick!
And please don't get the wrong impression,
because it's really not what you think.
I'm NOT a fascist racist pig, when what I want is EQUALITY...
But that's not "P.C."
Black-White-Yellow-Brown, Check a little box!
And it's really not a matter of "cultural pride"
when you're dividing up the country like a piece of pie.
Because when our nation is divided
then the people will fall victim to their mind control.
You're up against the wall. YOU BETTER NOT THINK!
Or you're Politically Incorrect.
Yeah, or you're Politically Incorrect
because you make the hippies sick.

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