"Narcoleptic Youth" lyrics


"Narcoleptic Youth"

We don't need an introduction,
I think kicking down the door should have told you who we are.
And we don't want your criticism.
If we did then we would have asked for it before.
We just keep falling asleep.
Can't stay awake no matter how we try.
Our coma is pretty deep because you're putting us to sleep
and if you want to know the reason, we'll tell you why...
We're tired of YOU. YOU'RE tired of ME.
We're tired of PACKAGED @narchy.
We're tired of LIFE. We're tired of DEATH.
Don't tell me that I should have "saved my breath."
Because we're tired of the drugs. We're tired of the THUGS.
We're tired of the lies swept under the rug.
You're just along for the ride and we're tired of YOU.
Narcoleptic Youth.
In a world that has no morals,
it's hard to tell what's right and what is wrong.
Yeah Babylon already fell,
but still the monster seems to creep along. So......
What is life? Is it just a dream?
Are we only a part of someone else's scheme?

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