"Is This Punk?" lyrics


"Is This Punk?"

Is this punk rock? I say yes.
In a world so blind it's a tragic mess.
Exploited everyday on M.T.V.?
But if you think that's TRUE then you can't see.

[Chorus:] So, why don't you tell me, Is this punk?

Don't get me wrong cuz I love your style.
Your brand new haircuts drive me wild.
But in a week or two, it'll be old news.
With so many FASHIONS, it's hard to choose.


So open your eyes cuz it's time for change.
And I know that term must sound so strange.
Just because it's FAST / doesn't make it PUNK.
Manilow on speed sounds like "Kerplunk".


Calling all punks from coast to coast,
we're taking back our "scene".
We've been quiet for far too long,
and somewhere things went GREEN.
London, LA, and New York (and your town)
It's time to have some fun...
Let's all go down to the mall...
give 'em dirty looks and watch the poseurs run
(this part is supposed to be funny)
You know Jello Biafra got beat up at the club on Gilman Street.
Some kids today, they have no respect.
They should be kissing their elders' feet.
And now you can't see a band like the UK SUBS
(sometimes substituted with G.B.H. depending on Joey's mood.)
without some jerk starting a fight.
Is that what SLAM DANCING is all about?
Something isn't right. And you know that...
"Punk's not dead it just deserves to DIE
when it becomes another STALE cartoon,
a close-minded self-centered SOCIAL CLUB" (Biafra, 1986)
For a bunch of TRENDY BABOONS. (Do you have the time?)
Is THAT punk rock? I say NO.
Your pathetic "scene" has gotta go.
What hope is there for kids today,
if Johnny is the ROCK STAR he set out to DESTROY?
Why don't YOU tell ME?

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