"Class Of 99" lyrics


"Class Of 99"

They're a different breed.
Right from the start.
Born and raised in a world of hate.
But it's not their fault.
They're products of their time.
The missing link in the catastrophic chain.
Computer bits. Little shits.
Babies having babies and disco hits.
"WHO" says the kids are alright?!
Just watch the ROBOTS fight.
We are the class of 1999.
Television LIES pass through APATHETIC eyes.
FAMILY VALUES get flushed down the drain.
Into the violent world.
Gods creation? Human waste?
A generation lost in space.
The children have taken on the role of the parents.
The role the parents chose to deny.
Listen close and you'll hear the "virtual" SCREAMS
of the class that mankind left behind.
As the blind lead the blind.

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