"The World Outside" lyrics


"The World Outside"

Featuring Jonny OC of Liferuiner

You'd better get me some help,
This is killing me,
I need your help,
Digging myself deeper and deeper,
The Chaos unfolds, The devil has arrived,

Find me someone to talk to,
I have some questions,
About the person,
I've become,

Now I find myself,
Spinning, In circles,
In this difficult time,
Im scaring myself,
I don't sleep, I can only wait,

The things on my mind,
And the horrors,
Are vested in me,

I don't think you get what I mean,
I don't think you get what I mean,

I see myself fall apart,
The ones I love can only,
Stand and watch,
Stand and watch,

And I could tell you one million truths,
About how I got here and good Karma never helped,
How my thoughts and my actions have ruined my life,
But you don't understand, You don't understand,
And you refuse to listen to me,
When I tell you, That I am fine, I can stop when I want to,
But is that the truth or am I just holding back,
Scared to disappoint myself, Or is it too late

This is the sound,
Of my heart and mind when they collide,
Of my heart and mind when they collide,

I will not read,
From the same page as you,
No more,
I can change the habits of a lifetime,
Hold that faith,
Keep that faith,

Alter the plans,
I'll alter the plans,
I'll make the changes,
I can sort this myself,
I stick to the path,

I take solace from,
Taking the same steps,
Following my rules,
Walking the same flaws,

I promised myself I'd never be,
The type of person who was afraid to leave,
My home because of the world outside,
This is the sound of my heart and mind when they collide

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