"The Effect" lyrics


"The Effect"

won't you dance with me
in purgatory
my Zucchero sung
life like my amy can't call it quits
seen her stick her wrist and pour it on the table
do you see me now
will you sing it loud
I'm not myself tonight
I don't got much advice
but to all the sweethearts listening
blasting off to oblivion
you're not the only one
lets toast to catastrophe
I cant sleep wont you stay and talk with me just a little more
do you feel the frenzy its left me dizzy and burnt to the core
quote a wish from a friend
excite a riot again
just begging to comprehend
this world we're straving in
wait wait wait you're too late
they break break break in and take
what they want cause what you got is hot
and they want to flaunt it right in your face
cause you couldn't stop it
but wheres the meaning
has your heart been leaning a bit wrong
lost the care to feel it
or has this been lifelong
so check her pinned pupils
ya dear those cuts they tell
our paramour so frail
she shakes while she inhales and goes down
we're all calling out
but I'm the one who heard you shout
a new sound dripping from your mouth
but you don't say what its really about
oh no no no
what kind of life is this
when theres no justice
peeling as I convalesce
are we hopeless

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