"Pretty Rounds And Vintage Sounds" lyrics


"Pretty Rounds And Vintage Sounds"

you always made it look too good
as shes pulling her hair back
and ducking in for more
casual with issues
she makes me listen
but I barely heard a word that your saying so say some more
cause I'm screaming who's waiting for me
its complicated
I'm fixated
on those vintage sounds they keep squeaking out
they keep drowning out as I'm dropping out
for those who understand we'll fix that fiending
for those who understand you know I'm dreaming
I think you made it understood
oh watch the crowd part
what could I say
lick on these stitches and I'll burn these riches
though it's costing me a debt I can never pay there ain't no way
when I'm screaming why aren't you waiting for me
it's complicated
I'm fascinated
with those pretty rounds they keep firing out
catch them raining down as we hit the ground
to those who understand
come fix that fiending
to those without a plan
we'll find our reason
now I laugh with the sinners
don't it look so cool
whatever you got Ill take it
I'm dealing to the 28 if

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