"Looking Glass Self" lyrics


"Looking Glass Self"

They keep pleading to go home
Reading poetry from their cell phones
She's passing out to dub step
But no I don't think I can help yet
Cause I rose in the sewer
So maybe I'm the rapture
Cause I've seen every dark corner of this town
And to those to those who've stuck around
I know there's a few like me
But where's your emergency
We're the vilified
The ones stranded without a ride
They're scared of their children now
Oh they're scared of their own children
I grip so soft since I found out
We're nothing at all
I could care less of the withdraws
I sleep through the warnings
But I hope she sees how I need those heavenly movements
(Pushing it! and Pushing it!; Electric! Electric!)
She screams "I want to be free"
But where to flee where to flee
Even the sun's trapped slowly losing heat
Just like you and me
Catch me
Catch me outside
Amongst the accidents

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