"Tiny Rainbows" lyrics


"Tiny Rainbows"

You were the only one
I fancied you all I had left
We knew it was true and instinctively left
one another to mend our own holes in our chests
in a dream we were pieces of ships
we were attached from our feet to our hips
and forgetting that icebergs were only the tips
as we crashed I could read the relief on your lips
but most dreams were better
and we all were one
and everyone just became part of the sun
and then shot back out in a gajillion rays
all our ancestors and children and the futures they made
would just shine down and light up the day
and our lives blended better than our bodies ever could
in the days when we were made out of flesh or wood
yeah we weren't the same color though we knew that we could be
we were ourselves but blended at the edges like it should be
and now separated your color now shines on my sleeve
with my parents, favorite teacher, first ever pen pal and me
and the more that we share i guess the more that we grow
and we all became tiny rainbows

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