"Grady And Dubose" lyrics


"Grady And Dubose"

try to take nothing for granted
like breakfast, and breathing, and short term memory
sometimes it gets so cold you almost cant stand it
to remember is to be reminded so insensitively

but its hard not being told who to be
the tradeoff is incredible just to feel that you're free

the best trapeze artists perform with no nets
no one ever won a jackpot on a gentleman's bet
yeah, you wake up from your best dream just to find your bed wet
what life ever comes without a hint of regret?

so you can drive to Indiana
visit your metal friends in Savanna
or fly to England on a plane
and no, no one can say that you are far away
there are memories, warm feelings which will always remain

like college radio late nights,
and heart to hearts, curbsides
the sheer beauty of which there are not words to explain

the ghosts in the attic sure beat TV static
we were up all night, quite close to insane
and all the time learning from each other how to keep out the rain

we do not demand surrender
its not the reason why we came
all we ask is, "may we enter?"
and wonder, is everything okay?

(that was good)

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