"Vagabond Dog" lyrics


"Vagabond Dog"

Cold and darkest
thoughts while passing the time
bold and headless
concepts formed in my mind
answers are found
I'm awed by decisions I've made
convinced, I move forth
because fortune favors the brave

Heart, soul
heart, soul
It's all in the back of my mind

I know the flaws
I'll grind them down with my hand
and use my claws
I'll always be a freeman
Shake the big men
shake them 'till they come down
king of the hill
and I've still got my feet on the ground

straight, edge
straight, edge
and I still've got my feet on the ground
when I'm long dead
after I've been taken down
when I've been betrayed
and my words can no longer be found
when memories die
and my bones are deep in the ground
I'll still be a part
of the truth to which I am bound

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