"Treason" lyrics



Why me?
Why am I down?
Why feel I'm not whole?
Why feel so far below?
I'm free to go

Why dream?
Why partake?
Why be half of a weak embrace
of time and place and lose space?

Deep down inside
I know the reasons, reasons
In faces I see lies
While they try to hide their eyes
Man, it hurts inside
It's like treason, treason, treason, treason

Soft ground politics
Inside dealing tricks
I can't pick a side
you decide

What plan?
What design?
Can they have in mind?
Have they lost their minds?
Have I lost mine?

It's never just black or white
I know the reasons, reasons,
What I feel makes me alive
Goes beyond what they decide
Can't fight what gives you life
That's treason, treason, treason, treason

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